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Family Fun

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Skoe Hitch and Grandkids story

I have been to 2 Zoo's, Dudley Zoo & Twycross and I used SKOE in both Zoo's with no problems. My grandkids love it and take it in turns when we are out and about. I can keep the chair collapsed up on the back of my electric Wheelchair, and it is very compact, it doesn't stick out more than the stabilisers so its completely safe to stay on the back of my chair.  


I truly wish I had had one of these SKOE'S years ago, it would have made my life much easier I must say. I can only thank SKOE for designing and having the courage to go into production to help people like me to get around with my Grandchildren, for the price, its fantastic. I am truly grateful to SKOE... 

Stevie Baby - Greatest Granda

I came across this product at a show and immediately thought of someone who could use it.

Sam - Mobility Dealer

It's a fun and innovative product.  My kids and I now travel everywhere together. 

Kellie - Mum

Introducing Skoe Wraps